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Trains in cinema

Unul din blogurile mele preferate este The art of memory, in spatele caruia se afla un ex-monah benedictin (?) american, pe numele sau Matthew Swiezynski. Matthew, daca imi pot permite, este o persoana de o finete si sensibilitate extraordinara. Artist la randul sau, este fondatorul label-ului Invisible Birds

a small label releasing hand packaged limited edition cds & dvds evocative of birds and the landscapes they inhabit. offering unique renderings of:

§ birdsongs, twitters, chirps, calls

§ wing flutters and movements, the correspondence of birdsongs and their environment (bells, water, sand, distant melodies, rain, snow, leaves, trees, the sea, light, whispers, air)

§ abstractions, beauty

Daca mai multe despre label si interesele acoperite puteti afla intrand in aceasta micuta biblioteca sau deruland aceasta lista de dorinte, in cele ce urmeaza as dori sa rezolv un mister: de ce imagini cu trenuri in acest post si care este legatura dintre ele si blogul mentionat?

Matthew a pornit acum vreo trei ani de zile pe blogul sau un serial intitulat Trains in cinema:

films i have been watching or thinking about that involve trains, some in a minor way (early summer, ozu) or others that feature the train as a character (runaway train, konchalovsky). i started this list by writing down films i remembered trains in, or films i was watching, then i realized i was going to slow and found some on-line lists and books to help me out. some films from this list i honestly cannot remember trains in, so more than anything this is a useful list for myself.

Trenurile din acest post au fost preluate din acest film, DVD 1, pe care nu am reusit sa-l gasesc in listele de pe The art… Este o umila contributie lanternativista adusa unuia dintre cele mai interesante si inspirative bloguri.

The art of memory


Trains in cinema:

Part. I

Part. II

Part. III

Part. IV

Part. V

Part. VI

Part. VII (vezi si alte link-uri aditionale)