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ECMania: The Dowland Project

Ascultand discurile publicate de proiectul Dowland, which is

an attempt to re-discover the essence of renaissance song from the point of view of a modern performer

mi-am adus aminte de ce scria Herder cu ceva milenii in urma intr-una din carticelele sale numita, in orig., Fragmente über die neuere deutsche Literatur:

Oh accursed word “classical”! It has transformed Cicero for us into a classical school rhetorician, Virgil and Homer into classical poets, Caesar into a pedagogue, Livy into a phrasemonger. It has divided expression from thought, and thought from the event that has generated it…this word has become a wall between us and all true education which would have seen the ancients as living exemplars…this word has buried many a genius beneath a heap of words…crushed him under a millstone of a dead language…When a German poet is described as a second Horace…as a new Lucretius, a historian as a second Livy, that is nothing to be proud of; but it would be a great, rare, enviable glory for us if one could say about such writers: “this is how Horace, Cicero, Lucretius, Livy, would have written if they were writing about this topic, at this particular stage of culture, at this particular time, with this particular purpose, for this particular people, with its particular outlook and its own language”.

Firminus Caron – Kyrie Jesus:

Albumul poate fi DL de aici: Part. I & Part. II.