Daily Archives: 18 December 2009

Helena Hunter

Helena Hunter este o artista a carei prim mediu de expresie este corpul. Propriul sau corp. Propriul sau corp de femeie. Prin performantele sale ea dezbate, inteligent, multe chestiuni de interes contemporan cum ar fi the construction of gender, the formation of desire si the politics of the body. Eu personal o admir mult pentru ceea ce face.

Tracing Shadows is a solo movement piece that plays out a painful process of initiation. Hunter presents the body at different stages of transformation and collapse. The human figure half emerges from the darkness, alone and trapped, struggling to stand, sliding into formlessness. Hunter sculpts movement out of the darkness, using subtle traces of light, fragmenting the body and creating an eerie sense of displacement. Often movements are half- seen, the body is half-glimpsed, light plays tricks with the eyes and imagination distorting perspective, space, size and shape. Sound mirrors and magnifies the action, adding weight, texture and solidity to the movement, emphasising the physical struggle that ensues.

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