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Asta numesc eu sa sari din -ism in -ion. Bun.

We no longer speak about national states but about networks (valabil si in cazul stramarilor si fascinantelor aglomerari urbane). We use the word ‘scape instead of landscape and avoid anything with the ending –ism like urbanism. Endings on –ion are preferred. For the architect Rem Koolhaas globalization designates a general schema of the hybridization of thought and action (suna spinozian de’a dreptul).

A, si uite: ‘scape


Inca o chestie interesanta:

Responsive Environments Colloquium (Univ. of Waterloo, November 20-21, 2009)

International leaders from experimental art and architecture, mechatronics and software engineering will present leading research. The aim of this collaborative event is to develop dialogue between these disciplines, expanding the potential of common threads and translating this into practical building strategies. Discussions will expand cultural history based on ‘dynamic’ and post-humanist paradigms, exploring renewed mutual relationships between human occupants and their surroundings.