Daily Archives: 21 November 2009


Photography is something concrete, a perception, what you see with your eyes. And it happens so fast that you may not see anything at all! To photograph is to paint with light! The flaws are part of it. That’s what makes the poetry. And for that you need a bad camera. If you want to be famous, you have to be worse at something than everyone else in the world! – Miroslav Tichy, in Dedicated to The Women of Kyjov (2008).


Unele lucruri sunt facute sa placa. Altele sunt facute sa indurereze. Mai exista insa si o a treia situatie cand nu poti rezista tentatiei de a te indragosti de o chestiune tragica. Muzica lui Mike Cadoo este una tragica, ca un adanc de mare. La suprafata: drept ca o coala de hartie. In adanc insa, turbat.

Incepe ca o plimbare fericita in parc. Se termina neasteptat. Neasteptat de previzibil. Elecronic / Ambient / Minimalism / Shoegaze este ceea ce primesti atunci cand ai pierdut calea. Si te bucuri.

Song for Three