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Jacob Kirkegaard

Tacerea exista doar daca uiti sa asculti.

Pe acest alt Kirkegaard l-am descoperit intr-o noapte. Tarziu, foarte tarziu. O descoperire care m-a lasat…nu stiu. Nici nu-mi dau seama de ce m-a mai lasat.

I thought it would be interesting to carry out this process in abandoned rooms, but without speaking like Lucier did, simply just to place a microphone in a room and to leave it alone.

Interesat de relatia dintre sunet si ambientul arhitectonic, Jacob a facut o vizita infamului Cernobal pentru realizarea unuia din proiectele sale: 4 Rooms.

As we all know, some radiation in Chernobyl will be there for thousands of years to come, it is an incredible amount of time to imagine. By travelling to this zone and placing a microphone inside some of these radiating rooms, would I be able to record something of this time? If I then layered this on top of each other, would I then be able to listen to a longer span of time in a shorter time?

[4 ROOMS was released on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, 26th of April 2006]

Visiting the zone was undoubtedly the most interesting journey, I have ever been on. I spent three days travelling around in this wasteland, Surrounded by an outermost astonishing nature. The air seems so incredibly fresh. Of course you don’t smell or see radiation, you just know that it is there, and this makes everything seem very artificial. Nature all of a sudden looks and sounds so artificial, or ‘unnatural’. Very much like Tarkowski’s landscape in Stalker. It was very filmic in fact. The effect that ‘something is wrong here’, but it hasn’t revealed itself yet. Even the silence sounded strange. Radiation has added another dimension to what we know, something transcendent and mystical. Travelling for hours in an extremely lonely, but colourful and overwhelming landscape in an October autumn, knowing that there is something in the soil, something around me that I cannot see, evoked a feeling, that is very difficult to describe. I have never found myself feeling outside reality (literally alienated from the world that I understand). There is a different spirit inhabiting the place, it is divine, but devilish. Something that eats you slowly, but there is no monster to see, only wild nature. It is like a spell. So it is an extremely interesting place, and it reached beyond myself. Experiencing Chernobyl is like entering another zone in myself.

This work is a sonic presentation of four deserted rooms inside the ‘Zone of Alienation’ in Chernobyl, Ukraine, recorded in October 2005.

Cum a procedat?

The sound of each room was evoked by an elaborate method: Kirkegaard made a recording of 10 minutes and then played the recording back into the room, recording it again. This process was repeated up to ten times. As the layers got denser, each room slowly began to unfold a drone with various overtones.

Ceea ce a iesit, puteti asculta mai jos. Este vorba de piscina din Pripyat, un oras abandonat din cauza radiatiilor:

The drones, tones and overtones that are heard on the track are the last sound layers I recorded there. At this point the room had started to sing.

In incheiere, un foarte interesant “interviu” despre liniste, tacere, surzenie: