Daily Archives: 2 July 2009


The journey began in late 2004 after setting the main framework of what I intend to express and how – an entire worldview drawn by both ideology, imagery and of course music – so ABBILDUNG project was born, a project fully aware of its ‘environment.’ The first release in 2005 represents the basis, the fundamental of the ideology and of how ABBILDUNG will be constructed in the future: ‘Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten.’ (Translation: ‘Dark Scientific Circumstances’). A foundation consisting mainly on Wittgensteinian (mainly tractatian) ‘per se’ non-mystic ultimate worldview, on recent math and physics discoveries that, in the end, they gradually portrays nothing but ‘the nothingness of a soulless world. It is ‘the way’ I found to fully express myself as a graduate mathematician – ABBILDUNG represents the ‘I’ under empirical, emotional and logical aspect.