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Tezaur folcloric (VI) – Traditional Greenlandic Music

Acest album, editat la studioul danez Sweet Silence din Copenhaga, a aparut in anul 1992, si este acompaniat de volumul lui Michael Hauser, Traditional Greenlandic Music [Acta ethnomusicologica Danica] ce contine textele cantecelor, comentarii istorice si tehnice detaliate, partituri, fotografii de arhiva etc.

Unfortunately, there are not many active singers in East and North Greenland. We may hope that the relatively small number of older, skilled drum – singers will pass on their knowledge to the young, so that inngerutit will exist in the future and be sung in the same way as they have been sung for generations.

Piesele pe care le-am ales (dintre cele 55 existente in album) sunt cele mai vechi inregistrari cunoscute de folclor iunuit. Ele au fost culese de catre William Thalbitzer intre anii 1906 – 1914.

[2012 edit: nici una din piese nu mai era available]